Breast Cancer Fundraiser Outfit 2

Updated by  Tasha

Title for my photo:
Breast Cancer Fundraiser Outfit 2
I am wearing:
Pink and black frilly dress, black opaque stockings and black pumps.
My question is:
Or this one??? Outfit 2??? Also, which bracelet looks best, black or pink??

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mandy 3 years ago

This is a great outfit too! Pink bracelet gets my vote here just cos you need some pink for the cause. Black one looks great too. Go with what is more appropriate for the weather.

I love this as is with pink bracelet. Perfect & it has enough pink IMO.

Stylista 3 years ago

Hope I am not too late to vote! I love this dress and the opaques and black heels. Dressy and fun, with a dash of pink for the occasion!! Gorgeous!!!

skint-styla 3 years ago

I like this better. Pink bracelet. Could you have bare legs and add pink shoes instead?

I think the pink one. It is more occasion appropriate and very feminine. I like this look, but the other outfit suits the occasion more.


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