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By Lauri   |   (3 years ago) |

Italian theme party??

I'm going to a themed Italian party tonight and have NO IDEA what to wear! Any ideas? x

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Love_labels (3 years ago)

Having jaunt got back from Italy I would recommend super glam they love fur and seek pieces ie skinny jeans and boots with some bling, italy was in its hay day in the 60s so agree with other post about Sophie Loren or even Bridgette bardo or Audrey Hepburn

Stylista (3 years ago)

You could go as the wife/girlfriend of a mobster!!!! A sexy LBD or a tight pencil skirt and sexy blouse, lots of eye make-up and big hair!!!! Fun!!

What a great theme! You could wear - red, green and white (Italian flag), go as a sexy siren Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday). Then there is also NY Italian (jersey shore) or Venetian (masquerade carnival)!



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