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By melbrisbane   |   (3 years ago) |

What to wear to a jazz club

I'm going on a date to a jazz club and not sure what to wear. It's quite hot so the black skinny jeans are out. I have nice legs so was thinking black shorts, heels and a top or I have a blue and grey patterned Basque dress?

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Candice_Leah (3 years ago)

Im all for dresses on dates. They just always look a bit special, even if you picked one up off the floor and threw it on as you were running out the door.

Tiffany Timmermans (3 years ago)

I'd wear the dress to the jazz club, and wear your hair up. Add some drop earrings, feminine heels and you're done. Shorts can look nice, but I think a dress is better for wearing to a jazz club.

melbrisbane (3 years ago)

Thanks Bernadette and Stylista! I'm going to play around with accessories tonight and see if I can come up with something suitable that won't make the older ladies swoon. :)

Stylista (3 years ago)

A Jazz club date sounds fabulous. Your man gets bonus points for this suggestion! :) You should always highlight your best features, so don't hide those legs! Shorts and a sexy top would be great. A little evening glamour is also suitable for a jazz club. Maybe some sparkly earrings, or some gold or bronze accessories? And a soft jacket or wrap for the late evening! Let us know how you go! X

Hi there M, If you have the legs for it shorts and heels can be a great summer night out combo. Keep it stylish by making sure the shorts aren't too short and the top you choose doesn't reveal too much flesh (say a singlet top but not one with a low cut front). A friend of mine's mother always says a smart girl only has it all on show in public when at the beach. Hope its a great night and a wonderful date. Enjoy. B



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