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By Mylissa   |   (3 years ago) |

70th birthday party

what should I wear to a 70th birthday party im in my 20's

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Tiffany Timmermans (3 years ago)

Remember, what would your grandma think! I would look at anything that is ladylike, rather than bombshell glamour. A cute tea dress with a pair of heels always makes a good impression. Try this Trollied Dolly dress from (Australian site) for some retro glamour! Trollied Dolly do great little cotton tea dresses for under $100! Their site is Basic guidelines are to not wear dresses to short,low cut or revealing. And no black!

sarinapixie (3 years ago)

Something simple and not too flashy, you don't want to stand out at someone else's event. Not low cut or too short, covering the shoulders rather than thin straps is also probably more appropriate, or a cardi like emgirl suggested. If it's formal, black pants/skirt with a nice top & heels. More casual a summer dress or skirt and blouse with low heels/wedges/flats. You could also wear nice jeans with a blouse if it's casual outdoors or daytime, depends on the temperature though to be comfortable

Stylista (3 years ago)

Hi Melissa, wear your favourite dress, but (as the others have said) just keep it not too short or too low cut! But otherwise have fun with it! Everyone loves great style, even for a 70th!

emgirl (3 years ago)

I agree with Sweetsugardoll. Modesty is essential. Feel free to wear something feminine, but certainly not revealing. Personally I would go for a nice knee-length dress with a little cardi over the top.

Sweetsugardoll (3 years ago)

I'd recommend something elegant but not too short or revealing. Lace or floral is nice for summer so maybe a dress. Tanned shoes are always a winner. They always match.



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