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By honeyjoy   |   (2 years ago) | shoes , colour , black , tan

Tan boots with black tights / leggings?

I have a black dress with a tan / brown / muted burgundy floral print on it. I need to wear black leggings or opaque tights and would like to wear tan Chelsea boots. Do you think the tan boots will look OK against the black tights / leggings, or should I stick to black ankle boots?

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Katy Potaty (2 years ago)

Absolutely, that's the best thing about tan and chocolate brown, they're neutral so they go with EVERYTHING!

delia (2 years ago)

Ps meant to say that black ankle boots will definitely work too - so you'll look great in either, just depends on how you feel!

delia (2 years ago)

Hi honey joy! Your dress sounds gorgeous. I love tan and black together, so I think tan boots, black opaques & floral dress should work. If anything it will be a little more boho! I often wear a black (girly style) dress with my tan dco boots & a big scarf!

Prudence (2 years ago)

Hi honeyjoy! It's hard to say because there are so many different colours of 'tan'. How much tan/brown is in the dress? If you are wearing black tights, I would say that black ankle boots would be your best option, but if you are wearing your dress in the day, maybe the tan boots will look a little fun and cute.



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