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By Idontknow   |   (2 years ago) |

How do I find out my style?

I know it sounds awfully obvious, but I'm clueless in fashion. I grew up pretty much as a tomboy. My sister's taken me out shopping occasionally and she always tells me I have no attention to detail and I always pick out tacky or weird things to wear. But I don't want to keep relying on her for advice. But I don't trust myself either! What should I do?

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ImageSenseGeelong (2 years ago)

We are all usually a mix of different styles. If you would like to find out your "style recipe", I have recently written a blog post that can help you in identifying what your personal style is, the link is: Hope that helps you! Joanne

StyleGallivanter (2 years ago)

Hi Angela. Don't be hard on yourself. Everyone experiences that at 1 point in their lives. All the comments below are helpful. Do look in magazines, copy your style icons etc. If you have no time & you want an immediate guiding hand, don't hesitate to contact us @ for our Image & Style Consulting solutions (which are offered online too). Or just learn tips and tricks from our fashion blog .All the best with your style journey!

Tiffany Timmermans (2 years ago)

Start trusting yourself. I would google a celebrity that you think may have similar style to your own. Then see how they wear their look. If there is someone you admire, take bits of their style and mix it with yours. Be adventurous, talk to your friends and read magazines like InStyle and Shop Til You Drop that show you how to build an outfit from one item. Ask us some more questions, or share with us the items of clothing you love and we can all give you tips on styling them:)

Miranda (2 years ago)

YouTube and - thats were I started, search for 'body shape' first and then i just started clicking on more and more links down the side! VideoJug allows you to cut past the amateurs - it has lots of different professional stylists giving advice on different combinations and styles!

Tweety (2 years ago)

Westfield has an online body shape calculator. Here's the link There's also the bit on style ID on the Westfield website but it's a bit hit and miss since the looks available for the user to choose is quite limited. Have fun!

Tasha (2 years ago)

I'm with candice, you already have style. My sister used to say the same thing to me when we were younger but that just means we have DIFFERENT styles, there's no right or wrong in fashion, it's all individual. Find a celebrity that you like the style off and get inspiration from them and just as the others have said make sure you use WSIW for inspiration and help. Your wardrobe will eventually form itself to suit you! Most of all, TRUST YOURSELF!!!

Candice_Leah (2 years ago)

Sounds like you already have a style, just because it's not to your sisters liking doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I think all women have a style but because you can't necessarily put a label on it doesn't mean it's not valid. After all, we can't all be "bohemian", "rockabilly", "romantic", "goth", etc etc.

Style into Action (2 years ago)

Angela - like Delia says, this site can help u start, can we get a wee bit more info?......are you a student (high school with a uniform? or at uni/college without a uniform?) Or do you work? What is your work environment like (as that will influence ur clothing choices)? Val

delia (2 years ago)

Hi, this is such a great question and definitely one many of us think about! Look around for inspiration - tv shows, passersby on the street, retail assistants, store catalogues, fashion blogs...(mags can be good but tricky to figure out affordable every day fashion!). This site/app has a 'showcased' section for inspiration too. This will spark lots of ideas to find what appeals to you. Also feel free to ask qus here about wardrobe staples and trends

JoyfulJoyful04 (2 years ago)

Figuring out your body shape is the best place to start. There is a book called The Body Shape Bible by Trinny and Suzannah and you go through and figure out which of these different shapes (such as hourglass, cello or column) fits your body. Then, it tells you which styles and shapes of clothes work best for your shape, and which are definite no-no's! This way when you hit the shops, you know what to look out for! :)

Don't worry - your question is very valid and one that i get employed to assist women with on a daily basis. Where about's do you live? I would LOVE to take you on a styling session to help you discover your very own sense of style as not only is it a rewarding experience for me, i truly believe EVERY woman has the ability to look incredible every day with the right training & knowledge on how to dress for their shape and skin tones. I'm based in QLD (Brisbane & Gold Coast)



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