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By Caza01   |   (3 years ago) |

Orange Heels

I have this amazing pair of bright orange heels, what do I wear with them since it's almost impossible to find the same shade of orange?

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Mia Farley (3 years ago)

Orange looks amazing with neutral tones. Suede and lace would compliment the patent of the shoes well.

Personal Stylist (3 years ago)

I wouldn't recommned teaming with another piece of orange, instead keep it simple with denim & neutrals or try the opposite and wear with other bright colours like electric blue, red or jade!

YourNameIsLucy (3 years ago)

Try colour blocking! You could wear it with anything - for the beginning I'd start with some green or blue (or both), if you're brave you could try some pink or yellow!

Kalai McDonald (3 years ago)

These can be paired with anything! Put on an outfit that you love and then throw your orange heels on for a cute, bright, fun look!

Tiffany Timmermans (3 years ago)

Try a gorgeous sapphire blue colour, this colour will be everywhere this season. Or you could look at pairing these with a plain white dress for extra dramatic effect!

Wear not where- my apologies!

Pale, natural colours will look amazing with orange! Try cream or beige shades. Also give it a go with any shade of grey. Visit for more on bright colours

Natural shades like cream and beige will look amazing with orange!



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