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By Shooze   |   (3 years ago) |

chunky knit jumpers

I love jumpers this season, but what do you wear them with? what sort of tops would feel comfortable under it and what sort of bottoms/accessories and shoes would go?

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cecylia (3 years ago)

If you prefer chunky jumpers, to balance proportions, wear something fitted on the bottom, e.g pencil skirts, leggings, skinny jeans, cigarette pants. Underneath you can wear a fitter Tee. Examples of Chunky jumpers: For more examples of teaming jumpers with skirts: and

cecylia (3 years ago)

Jumpers are the new tops! These are stylish, comfortable and versatile. If you get tight-fitting jumpers or skivvies, you can layer them with a silk cami and wear them with full skirts for a 50s look, you can wear it a pencil skirt for a 60s look and with A line skirts for a 70s look. You can also wear them with widelegged pants and jeans also. A necklace that sits well at the neckline will add style cred and sophistication. eg:

Tiffany Timmermans (3 years ago)

I have a couple of oversized jumpers. I pop a stetch cami or tank underneath them and wear them with shorts and tights. Otherwise jeans are a great option too.

Stylista (3 years ago)

I love a big knit over skinny jeans and boots! Simple, but cosy and stylish!

mandy (3 years ago)

I know you have specifically mentioned chunky knits, and I love this one! I can see it with Skinny jeans and boots. But also have to say Country Road have got some totally gorgeous slimmer fit jumpers in great patterns for winter at the moment. They are kind of like school jumpers in shape and fit, but with wonderful designs and colour combos on them. Worth a look if you are jumper shopping!

melbgirl (3 years ago)

Have you seen the Mossman range of knits > They are gorgeous and really warm. You can add layers underneath (basic singlets and tops) and I suggest teaming them with your fave denim jeans or comfy leggings.

Style into Action (3 years ago)

One more thing - colours - black will work. & you'll be surprised, but navy works well with this mushroom colour. Also vibrant reds, mustards, even greens & cobalts. Since this is a neutral, all these brights work. Dont forget, the darker the bottom, the smaller the bum/hips etc will look...keep boots same colours as skirt & u create an unbroken longer leg line...Keep accessories bold, in keeping with the sweater....:-)

Style into Action (3 years ago)

Shooze - the rule is if the top is bulky/chunky, keep the bottom silhouette fitted (ie: slim skirt). I also try to stick to the 1/3: 2/3 rule - if the top is 1/3 of your length, then make the bottom 2/3 of your length (likely to be knee length, not above)'ll find a ratio like this is more pleasing to the eye than 50:50. Before u buy go to a store & play with a ponte pencil skirt by rolling it up until you figure the best length. Boots will follow depending on the skirt......

jicyjac (3 years ago)

I think they look great with a fitted ponte skirt, tights and ankle boots.



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